• Krzysztof Atłasik

    Krzysztof Atłasik

    Software engineer working at SoftwareMill.

  • Salah REKIK

    Salah REKIK

    Passionate Data Architect with progressive experience in building big data platform at @CreditAgricole and machine learning platform on AWS

  • Anis Tn

    Anis Tn

  • fathallah sana

    fathallah sana

  • Praveen Sreepada

    Praveen Sreepada

  • mourad ghassob

    mourad ghassob

  • Yazid Hamdi

    Yazid Hamdi

    Software Engineer, blogger, future olive farmer in Tunisia.

  • Cristian Trucco

    Cristian Trucco

    System Engineer, formado em Analise e Desenvolvimento Sistemas, usando containers e tentando automatizar quase tudo com alguns truques!😎 Entusiasta de cloud.

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